Resources for Recovery, Chagrin Falls

When you, a loved one or a friend needs help it can be difficult to know where to go. I prefer people and facilities who understand the value of the twelve steps and believe that someone in the throes of addiction/alcoholism needs to find someone who also has been in the fire and come out on the other side, victorious!

The Edna House, Cleveland, OH

I wish there were more recovery houses available. They are not treatment centers per se, but rather houses staffed with former recovering addicts and alcoholics. Most have a Board of Directors (BOD), and if they are well established like the Edna House in Cleveland, OH, they have established relationships in the surrounding community to help support the recovery process. The only draw back I see, is the Edna House caters strictly to women. After thirty-five years of drug use, my sister found sobriety there. She stayed for an entire year, but during that year, once a woman is stable, she’s required to attend meetings, find work, and help maintain the house. Women learn how to live, something many of them after years and years of using, had no idea how to do. The Edna House offers structure and discipline, two qualities that most addicts and alcoholics lack but need to learn. For more information about the Edna House.             

Women and Alcohol According to Harvard University

Harvard has a great website with all sorts of information pertaining to how drinking is more detrimental for women, and why you may want to rethink the drink.

Alcoholics Anonymous

People still don’t want to hear it, but the truth is AA works! No where else have I seen people obtain long-term recovery and live as successfully as those that follow the twelve-steps. Don’t be a hater, give it a chance. For more info about AA.

Help For Families Al-Anon